Patches & Programs:
IE DDrawFix :: troubleshooter for DirectDraw rendering in Infinity Engine games
ddwrapper :: proxy dll for DirectDraw, compatibility focused.
AA Fixpack :: unoffical patch for Axis & Allies ( PC video game 1998 )
Final Liberation :: High Color Movie Patch, Crash Patch
Shadow of the Horned Rat :: Installer, sprite converter, color cursors
Dark Omen :: Modding tools
BB 95 Explorer :: File unpacker for Blood Bowl '95
MK1 trainer :: Mega-trainer for Mortal Kombat 1 (DOS)
CyberGladiators :: Game speed fix
Pools of Darkness :: Alt+X cheat
Take No Prisoners & Mageslayer :: Video memory detection fix
Development Limbo:
PST - Fog :: improved fog-of-war & vsync for Planescape: Torment
War2 & BroodWar - GDI :: screen corruption work-around
Code Snippets:
Proxy_Dll_Helper.cpp :: generate forwarded exports to target
TList.cpp :: task list from HKEY_PERFORMANCE_DATA process objects
InjectSection.cpp :: Easy code injection without a dll
ScanProcessMemory.cpp :: Masked search using ReadProcessMemory
No_API_Dll_Helper.cpp :: No API - GetModuleBase & GetProcAddress
VEH.cpp :: simple Vectored Exception Handler example
Hot_Patch.cpp :: simple Hot-Patch example
Tlhelp_Modules.cpp :: simple Module32Next example
My_String.cpp :: some crt string functions
Bignum_Mul.cpp :: x86 asm "grade-school" multiplication of large numbers