Dark Omen - utilities

Mod Helper:
windowed mode - fixes software rendering on win8 and improves "3D" rendering everywhere.
ability to add more units, sprites, portrait meshes, etc.
source code to bytecode compiler for the campaign script.
allows the player's viewpoint to zoom out further.
allow modders to create spellcasters w/spells from all schools of magic.
fixed heap corruption problem with games's realloc function.
multi-player look of the [tab/space] battlemap in single-player.

See dark-omen.org for latest vesion. My source code is here.

Heightmap converter: do_terr.zip

This tools helps import/export maps between blender and the game. It converts between 16bit grey PNG files and the game's TERR blocks. The format of the TERR block was reversed by others. Fairly untested, images might be upside down after processing. A *good* way to set the scale in blender is currently unknown (by me).