CyberGladiators ( Mobygames )

Speed Fix Hex-Edit:

// cyber.exe v1.0
at file offset 00003116 write 0E 30 04 00
at file offset 00003125 write FF 2F 04 00

// cg_demo v1.0B ( )
at file offset 0000305F write 69 30 04 00
at file offset 0000306E write 5A 30 04 00

The game uses QueryPerformanceCounter() but does not check QueryPerformanceFrequency(), thus it incorrectly converts the perf counter 'cycles' to milliseconds. Unfortunately, ACT's EmulateSlowCpu Shim doesn't seem to work here, nor does the shim allow the user to adjust reported speeds.

The game's faulty code seems intended to return the milliseconds elapsed since game start. The easiest fix is to substitute GetTickCount() for the faulty function. GetTickCount() returns milliseconds since Windows was started. A distinction between "game start" and "Windows start" does not seem needed.

Likely a ddraw or glide wrapper is also needed to get this game running on modern computers.