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Axis and Allies World Club - Online Axis & Allies competition ladders and tournaments.
e-WarZone - The WarZone is a multiplayer gaming lobby for DirectPlay 7 or earlier games.

*** Getting Started with the Unoffical Fixpacks: ***
1. Install AA Starterpack v6.0 from here, AAWC or e-WarZone.
2. Install drawfix v3.82 from here or AAWC.
--- v3.82 may be buggered for some --- here is v3.82 sans resizable window
3. Multiplayer: Install the e-WarZone client.
--- If you're having trouble hosting, be sure to select the "Router Bypass" option.

*Message Board for help with, or the discussion of, the unoffical fixpacks at AAWC.
Also see AAWC's Instructional Videos.

Note: On Win8 use ddwrapper. With these settings:
	BltNoTearing	= 1
	DisableHighDpiScaling	= 1
	ForceBltNoTearing	= 1
	NoVideoMemory	= 2
The Win8 performance problem only occurs if the back buffer is attached to the front buffer, but I've yet to go back and changed what the game does originally.

*** Feature List: ***
Blue Text marks drawfix features
Green Text marks AA Starterpack features*
( *this listing of Starterpack features may be incorrect or incomplete )

Improved Compatibility:
Various tweaks pertaining to DirectDraw
Various tweaks pertaining to DirectPlay
Fixed video hanging/jumping on systems with more than one processor
Play without the CD
More dice rolls per side - 255 (up from 164)
Multiplayer: Dice stats "/luck"
Multiplayer 1v1 Only: Better Dice Generator
Multiplayer 1v1 Only: Security from Cheating
Multiplayer: Tech Roll notification in the chat window ( 1v1 Only ?? )
Saved Game Editor:
Corruption Fixer - allow most corrupt saved games to be loaded.
Edit cash-on-hand for each country
Edit Tech for each country
Change territorial IPC values.
Change default controller of a territory. (not capitals)
Change alliances. (still 3v2)
Change liberated territory ownership rules.
2 Dice Heavy Bombers Option
General Bug Fixes:
Maximum number of units allowed on the board is now over 1000 (up from 300)
Submarines in allied sea zones may now retreat from combat.
Battleship Bombardment without enough other attacking units no longer causes the game to freeze
Strategic Bombing will no longer occur again after saving and reloading the game.
Multiplayer: "/fixup" anti-aircraft gun ownership
Retreat system overhualed.
Infantry units may paratroop more than once.
Amphib assault w/naval conflict to empty territory freeze is fixed.
Workaround: Allow an un-submerging sub to leave a hostile seazone.
Combat involving 2-hit Battleships will now apply all hits before ending.
Uncapped USA Industrial Complex Production - workaround for a bug.
Drake Passage and S Central Atlantic should not connect to each other.
E Central Pacific should not connect to the Peruvian Sea.
North Central Atlantic should connect to the Labrador Sea.
Prevents accidental skipping of in-progress weapon development
Multiplayer: Unit stats are synchronized after loading a saved setup
Un-placing an Industial Complex no longer leaves behind an "invisible IC"
Attacker submarine retreats no longer cause a never-ending battle.
Combat Movement Bug Fix:
Allow unit moves to non-combat locations during the Combat Phase.
(Avoid anti-aircraft flak, Establish retreat routes, or move carriers to show valid fighter ranges)
It should not be used illegally to block naval retreats.
Neutral Bug Fixes:
Tanks can now blitz through captured neutrals
Planes can now use their final movement point to land on a captured neutral
Planes now capture neutrals by flying over them
To prevent accidental buying, planes will now never automatically path over uncaptured neutrals
A 3 IPC penalty is always applied when a neutral is first captured
Neutral no longer captured by an amphib assault that was aborted.
Chat Improvements:
The chat log will no longer be erased when it is closed
Enter “/ping” to see the internet lag time to all other players
Enter “/stats” to see IPC’s and Production of all countries.
Enter "/exit" if you’re stuck on the combat window and can’t quit the game.
Partner Tells: Enter "." at the start of a line to send text to only your allies
UI Improvments:
AutoSave automatically before each battle and after each turn phase
Toggle flag display on or off (Alt+F)
Allow Alt+Tabbing ( use only when windowed )
Windowed mode (alt+enter)
Scroll the map with the Arrow-Keys
MOUSE4 and MOUSE5 are bound to Ctrl+left-click
Faster Transport Unloading & Movement
Tinted the color of Combat Unit images to denote their nationalities
Edit Mode Improvments:
Allow unit placements on foreign capitals.
Allow multipul Anti-Aircraft Guns in the same territory.
Added a button to create 1-Hit Battleships.
Move 1-Hit Battleships without healing them.
Added the ability to minimize the edit menu.
Fixed a bug that prevented unit selection after a new unit placement.
Added a shortcut menu to help set up games for the Kremlin ruleset.
AA Odds Grapher
Program which gives detailed statistics on any battle.

A quickly made dice logger is also availible: aa_dicelog.zip

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